How to Generate Leads With Facebook & Social Media Sites


Facebook is probably the most visited website in the world today. With the millions of users who are actively participating on this social networking website, you can be sure to generate more leads to your business.

1. Create your fan page. In order for you to connect with your potential prospects and generate more leads to your business, you will need a fan page. This page will allow you to share your knowledge in your niche and build relationships with people. Make sure that it speaks volumes about your knowledge.

2. Network with people and showcase your expertise. Ask people questions and engage with them. The best way to build trust and leads is to get to know your fans. If someone asks you a question or emails you, make sure to respond immediately. This will ensure that you get the most leads possible as well as make some new friends.

3. Post about your new offers. Whenever you have a new product or service, post about it. Share it with all your fans. Make sure that you aren’t spamming people though. Remember, you want these people to trust you, so be careful about the number of times you post on Facebook.

4. Select a great fan page title. Let people know what you are about by creating a title that is unique to who you are. Give them an idea of how you can help them. Your fan page title should be very interesting and compelling to the eyes. Use words that appeal to emotions. Target your fans emotional needs. Words that push their buttons is a great way to get more leads.

5. Share your articles with your fans. If you run a blog or write articles for article directories, you can easily share these articles with your fans. Plus, doing this will build back-links to your articles which will increase your traffic. Simply recommend that they read your article. Make sure that you are sending them to a well written article. That way, they will appreciate it much more. Also, don’t be afraid to write blog posts that are unrelated to your topic. You see, even if the post is unrelated to your topic, it can still add value. If you wrote a post about something you found humorous or interesting, sharing it with your Facebook fans is a great idea. To get more leads to your business, you need to create value with your actions on this social networking website.

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How to Generate Leads For Your Home Based Business – 5 Tips.


Generating leads for your home based business is very important. Especially if you want to succeed in this industry. So, what I’m going to do is share with you some tips on how to generate leads for your home based business.

That way, you’ll have targeted prospects asking you to join you.

The tips on generating targeted prospects for your home business are:

1. Social Media. The first way to get leads is to use social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. They are free to use and are very effective. You will be able to socialize and connect with thousands of people that may want to join you in your home based business.

2. Article Marketing. This is another great way to generate leads for your business. It’s another free and effective way to get awesome prospects. You should write and submit at least 3 article a week for at least 12 weeks.

3. PPC (Pay-Per Click Advertising). This is another tip on how to generate leads for your home based business. PPC is probably the best way to get highly targeted prospects. If you aren’t using PPC yet, make sure you do so. It could easily triple your income.

4. Video Marketing. Using sites like YouTube is another great way to get prospects. You can make a video of yourself and upload it to the YouTube site. Your video will then have the potential to be viewed by thousands of people from all over the world.

These are some tips on how to generate leads for your home based business. If you really want to grow your downline and succeed with your company, be sure you generate your own leads. It will guarantee you massive growth financially.

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How to Get Free Leads For Your Network Business?

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 Network marketing businesses require both internet marketing and the direct marketing in the physical world for a more efficient and targeted generation of leads. The internet could help internet marketers increase efficiency by exploring more opportunities that could help escalate ROIs from lead generation activities. The main goal of getting targeted leads is to have a more defined population that would likely show more interest about your product.

Social media sites

The internet can provide targeted leads for you. You explore the power of the social media sites. Add as many friends as you like and as much as you can add to your contacts or friends’ list. The most popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace where you can freely talk about your products and your activities at the same time advertise a little about your company. Your contacts automatically receive any updates you make with your social media account. This is free and you get a number of interested leads at no cost at all.

Collecting email addresses for your email campaign

It is very easy to collect targeted leads email addresses. You create a website with a nice landing page. You put high quality content with useful related information. This will make your site easily get index by search engines. Search engines love fresh unique informative content. The visitors who will come to your site are the ones truly interested about your product. You can have an opt-in for them to subscribe to your mailing list. Your opt-in will collect targeted leads email addresses for you. This is a free resource of email addresses for your email campaign. Publishing more content will increase the overall response rate of your advertising strategy.

Getting email addresses from related sites

Related sites are your competitors. They are working to get the same targeted leads that you are working to attract and collect. You can go to the site and collect email addresses. There is a big possibility that you can have a B2B marketing with them. They might get interested in becoming a member and help you sell your products. The internet has the capability to enhance your process for lead generation and management. The internet is a very cost effective way to generate free leads for your Network Marketing business.

Web response forms

The web response form could be a part of your landing page. This is an interactive and effective way of knowing the responses and behavior of the audience reading your ad or email. You can make it look like a banner ad or write in traditional response paths for inquiries such as toll free number or plain customer service’ email address of your company. This is a very efficient and excellent way to capture audience responses.

Referrals from friends and families

Referrals are free targeted leads but time consuming. This could be related to cold calling because you don’t usually know the person you are calling for an appointment. You only need to make sure from the person referring the account that the prospect has the interest and the authority to buy or join the a network.

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Network Marketing Leads

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Generation Of Leads In Network Marketing

Lead Generation in network marketing is THE most important thing. With lead generation only you can spread your MLM business.

What Is Lead Generation?

It is the very first step in any marketing. Lead generation is the process of reaching out to your prospects, developing their interest in your products and establish a connection with them. It keeps your business growing by bringing in the new customers. That is why many have termed it as lifeblood of the network marketing business.

How To Generate Leads?

There are various ways to generate leads. Again, it is your call whether you want to generate leads on your own or rope in a lead generation company who will generate leads for your business on your behalf. Network marketing, as the name implies is very people-oriented business, let’s see how you can generate leads on your own:

Through Personal Website

Your personal website should be created in a unique way which will SELL you. You have to develop an art of selling yourself first and then your products or services. Through your website, you sell yourself impressively by presenting your insights about the business, your skills and experience, what makes you unique, why people should partner with you and what competitive edge can you provide in comparison to your competitors.

E-Mails, Newsletters, Free Reports, E-Brochures

Many website provides integral email, newsletters, free reports and downloading of e-brochures facilities. Make proper and utmost use of it to present the up-to-date information about you, your business and your products or services. This helps in keeping your prospects and customers updated about your business.

Writing Articles And Blogs

Write articles and blogs to present your knowledge and expertise on the business. This will project you as an expert of the industry having firm grip on the business and industry. Blogs and articles will also allow you and your prospects/customer to stay engaged in a conversation based on their queries on business subject.

Social Networks And Social Media

Network marketing runs on your socialising skill. Hence to be part of social network is the most key thing. Now as more and more people are on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn your active presence needs to be there. Have a Facebook page, have an impressive profile on LinkedIn. Give links to your website from all the social media platform to bring the prospects to your website so that they can have better understanding of the business and product line.

Warm Market

Warm market is your personal acquaintances like family and friends. These circle of people are the very first prospects for your business. So do not overlook them in your marketing. Keep them also updated about your business and products. Encourage them to join you by giving them special discounts as your personal acquaintance.

Referrals Through Acquaintance

Next circle of your prospects is the referrals which are generated from your first circle of warm market. Your relatives and friends will refer you to their relatives and friends. This is a very productive form of lead generation if worked out properly and you are successful in establishing your reputation.


Most effective form of business sponsoring nowadays is video. It is an interesting way to let your prospects know about what your business does. Creatively made videos can generate leads in an amazing numbers. You can place your videos on platform like YouTube, on your website and can even send in E-mails.

Business Cards And Brochures

Business cards and physical brochures, are ways to generate leads since generations. Today also, along with all the different methods they have not lost the importance. So impressive business cards and brochures are equally important and many times prospects are comfortable with physical things rather than virtual.

Advertising In Local Newspaper

Advertising is again a traditional form but still hold its value intact, infarct advertisement has been developing more and more creatively targeting the exact customer segment as per your business needs. Advertise in the local newspaper, magazines, on T.V. and radio.

Trade Journal Advertising

Advertise in the MLM trade journal, to popularize yourself in the MLM industry. This will help you recruit experienced people from the industry. Also other entrepreneurs can help you generate leads from their business.

Fliers, Free Samples And Discounts

Nothing works as wondrous as free samples and discounts. Distribute free samples or offer discounts on certain occasions or festivals which will retain your customers, spread of the word about your offers and discounts will generate more and more leads. You should even consider fliers through newspapers, in malls, in shops where there are lots of people visiting.

Fairs, Festivals And Trade Shows

As we already mentioned above that MLM is purely people oriented business. Fairs, festivals and trade shows are places where people come in numbers. By your presence in these places, let more and more people know about your business, your products and services. You can even offer discounts for the first time buying and give away free samples at these places and events.

Above are the various ways of lead generation on your own. If you want to focus only on your business operations and products, you can even hire in the lead generation companies. These companies can help save your efforts and time by getting new customers are sellers for you. They can help you build your downlines with experienced people. Since lead generation companies are totally focused, they can suggest you the target segment, can even advice you on your mistakes and you avoid repeating them, analyse the leads generated and success in it. Again, at the time of hiring a lead generation company, make sure you make them clear about your MLM plan, your goals, mission and vision, because all such things has to be kept in minds when providing a personalized service.

By the right combination of the methods of online, offline and outsourced lead generation, to have a grand success in network marketing is not impossible. You can definitely rock if you walk on the perfect path!

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